Adapting to Climate Change State of the Science for North Bay Watersheds: A Guide for Managers

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The North Bay Watershed Association (NBWA) commissioned this guide to assess and summarize potential climate change impacts to the hydrology of basins draining to the North San Pablo Bay portion of the San Francisco Bay Estuary based on “the state of the science.” Results include estimates of climate and hydrology parameters down to the watershed scale (completed as part of this study) combined with a summary of the potential extent of sea level rise anticipated over the next century (completed in an earlier study by US Geological Survey for the Bay Conservation and Development Commission). Relevant technical journal articles cited here provide details on methodologies and results.

Please see also: Downscaling future climate projections to the watershed scale: a North San Francisco Bay Estuary case study

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Lisa Micheli, Pepperwood; Lorraine Flint, US Geological Survey; Alan Flint, US Geological Survey; Morgan Kennedy, Pepperwood; Stuart Weiss, Creekside Center for Earth Observations and Ryan Branciforte, Bay Area Open Space Council
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Micheli, et. al. 2010. Adapting to Climate Change State of the Science for North Bay Watersheds: A Guide for Managers. Pepperwood Preserve, Santa Rosa, CA.
The purpose of this guide for managers is to summarize research results and implications for water supply, flood control, water quality, and habitat management projects and long-term adaptation strategies.
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Pepperwood Preserve
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