Hoffman Marsh Restoration Project, Eastshore State Park

San Francisco Bay Joint Venture Projects
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The Hoffman Marsh is located at Eastshore State Park in the City of Richmond, California. The proposed project will restore and enhance up to 40 acres of tidal wetlands and adjacent upland transitional areas. Small upland areas may be acquired for inclusion into the restoration project. Up to ten acres of Bay fill, inorganic debris and barriers to tidal circulation will be removed. New tidal channels and water control structures will be installed as necessary to improve water circulation and establish better connectivity with adjacent tidal marshes. Non-native vegetation will be removed and replaced with native wetland and upland vegetation. A system of emergency tidal barriers could be installed to prevent contamination of Hoffman Marsh from future oil spills and other water pollution.This project will protect, enhance or restore a number of plant and animal habitats in or adjacent to Hoffman Marsh. Restoration on this large property includes removal of Bay fill and potentially contaminated sediments that would adversely affect birds, fish, invertebrates and other Bay wildlife. Saline and brackish water tidal wetlands would be created and enhanced to provide expanded habitat for the endangered California clapper rail, threatened California black rail and endangered saltmarsh harvest mouse. A gentle transitional habitat would be created in some areas to benefit waterfowl and shorebirds that may be entering or exiting the Bay. Transitional wetland and upland vegetation will be planted to provide wildlife cover during high tide events. Lack of transitional cover plays a major role in predation losses by red fox, raccoons, rats, gulls, herons and egrets.

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