Data Sources by Type

Resource Type: Document
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2007 Watershed Health Scorecard Napa River Watershed Interim Technical Report on Indices for Water Quantity
2007 Watershed Health Scorecard Sonoma Creek Watershed Interim Technical Report on Indices for Water Quantity and Quality
Adapting to Climate Change State of the Science for North Bay Watersheds: A Guide for Managers
Biodiversity Action Plan: Priority Actions to Preserve Biodiversity in Sonoma County
Biodiversity “Vital Signs” a coupled Ecosystem-Climate Monitoring Framework for Sonoma County
Downscaling future climate projections to the watershed scale: a North San Francisco Bay Estuary case study
Resource Type: Datasets
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Arundo donax Observations in North-Central California
Resource Type: Data Source
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BASINS watershed health analysis from EPA
Bay Area Automated Mapping Association
Breeding Bird Survey Data
California Department of Fish and Game
California Protected Areas Database verson 1.4
Caltrans GIS Data Library
Carlsbad Fish & Wildlife Office, US FWS
Census of Agriculture
Central Coast Joint Data Committee website
Envirostor - Department of Toxic Substances Control
Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program
Gap Analysis Project California (1998)
Gap Analysis Project California Remapping (2008)
GAP and ProtectedAreasDataset data from NBII
Geospatial One Stop -
Groundwater data from DWR
Resource Type: GIS Layer
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Bay Area Planned Land Use (Upland Habitat Goals)
Baylands Boundary SFEI (Upland Habitat Goals)
City Limits (Upland Habitat Goals)
Counties Bay Area (Upland Habitat Goals)
Distance to roads (Upland Habitat Goals)
Geology (Upland Habitat Goals)
Impervious Surface NLCD (Upland Habitat Goals)