Standards for Data Sharing

CERES Standard

The CERES general-purpose metadata standard is for describing any information resource type in a short record, based on the Dublin Core and FGDC geospatial standard. It is the official California state government standard and is in use by many state and federal agencies to share data in the California Environmental Information Clearinghouse (CEIC).  It may be used now to participate in the SF Commons, and creating a CEIC Catalog is a great way to quickly share a single dataset or a collection. CEIC is our portal to the Geospatial One-Stop, and will serve as a state-wide hub for information sharing on the California Conservation Commons.

CalEDLN Project Metadata Standard

Documentation of the standard CalEDLN record for describing a Project. The CalEDLN (California Environmental Digital Library Network) Project record was created by the SF Commons Technical Committee in cooperation with CERES and NRPI, and is now in use to exchange project descriptions between the Natural Resource Projects Inventory (NRPI) and CERES. It was designed to allow for referencing a variety of community-shared vocabularies for use in linking People, Project, Organizations, and Data on a future Semantic Web.


Official CalEDLN and SF Commons thesauri for use in creating more sharable metadata. Vocabularies play a critical role in building an information community. Building and posting voabularies and developing technology for using them is an effort of the SF Commons.